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Deaf People Are So Annoying

The Sound the Universe Makes Is Really Just Tinnitus

The Day I Got My Hearing Aids,  the KU Marching Band Followed Me Home

Tinnitus, Sudden Attacks of Extreme Dizziness, and Progressive Hearing Loss: The Symptoms of Meniere's Disease

Ear Stupid

You Can't Help Sneaking Up On a Deaf Person

Oh, Tina, You are Not Deaf!

Please, Speak Up--Ouch! Not So Loud!

A Lot of Deaf People Don't Sign

Omigosh, There's a Deaf Guy in My Class!

I Just LOVE Having a Deaf Mother--I Never Know WHAT You'll Come Up With!

Deaf People Don't Want to Chat with Strangers

Is Anyone Able to Follow Closed Captioning?

My Twelve-Year-Old Friend Needs a Hearing Aid

I'm Already Listening as Hard as I Can!

You Really MUST See This E-Zine!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Left Out

Refusing to Admit Hearing Loss

Why Cell Phones Are So Hard on the Hearing-Impaired

Talking Back to the Toilet

Deaf Power

Read My Lips!

I Hate Background Music!

Don't Tell ME I'm Not Hearing Impaired!

Another Sister Going Deaf

I REALLY Hate Automated Phone Menus!

I Wasn't TRYING to Give Her a Bad Time, Honest!

Deaf Agoraphobia

WHAT Drummer?

A TRAIN Is Growling?!

Not Stupid, Rude, or Ungrateful--Just Deaf

Water, Water Everywhere--Darn It!

Three Floods in Three Days--A New Record!

The Sounds of Silence

A Flash of Recognition

Giving Me the Runaround

Deaf Gaffes

Unnecessary Unpleasantness

Deaf Sisters Reunite!

The Air-Conditioner in My Right Ear

The Sweet Harmonies of--Electric SANDERS?!

My Child, My Interpreter

Good Grief!

Waiting for the Punchline

Stop, Hey, What's That Sound?

What Does It Take to Persuade Someone to Get a Hearing Aid?

Just the Other Day I Was Talking to My Deaf Mother on the Phone . . .

Even with My Hearing Aids, I Am STILL Hearing Impaired

Going Deafer

The Advantages of Being Deaf

Kitty Alarm System

Why Frances Turns Off her Hearing Aids

No, YOU Come HERE!

Another Thing I Can't Hear on the Telephone

Is WHAT Too Loud for Me?

Making the "Deaf Face"

Sound Puzzles

Mush-Mouthed Professors

Without Hearing Aids: Day 1

One of Us

Wherever I Go Now, I Run into People like Me

Shaun of the Deaf

It Must Suck to Have Normal Hearing

Sentence Halves

Reasonable Accommodations

The West Ring

Why Do Agencies That Serve the Hard of Hearing Use Mumbled
Automated Telephone Menus?

Missed Delivery
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