You Really Must See This E-Zine

by Tina Blue

          Not too long ago I posted an article about a terrific website for those who are deaf or hard of hearing (HoH),  for those who have loved ones who are deaf or HoH, and those who are just interested in us.  I mentioned not only the website but the monthly live chats  (the time is variable--chat schedules are listed on the website).  If you have an interest in this issue, you really should drop by and join the chat.

          But the reason for this article, though related, is a bit different.  On the same site, the two hosts, "Jo_athome" and "Loluv" have put together, over a very short period of time, the most wonderful e-zine devoted to the deaf and HoH.  I can't praise this zine enough!

          The website offers links to a number of informative and interesting sites (oh, okay--to this column, too--but that's not why I'm plugging them).  I have spent many interesting hours perusing their offerings, and I highly recommend it to you.

          For the link to the message board for the site: click here.    Once you get there, the site is easy to navigate.  Go immediately to the e-zine and enjoy yourself.  (If you prefer to skip the message board and go straight to the e-zine, click
--but I can't imagine why anyone would chose to forgo our company.)  It is amazing what these two ladies have accomplished in such a short time.  Obviously it is a labor of love.

And if you drop by the live chat, tell them Tina sent you and say hi for me if I am not there--but type loudly.
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