Is What Too Loud for Me?

by Tina Blue
July 5, 2004

          Last Monday evening I was taking the trash out to the curbside for the Tuesday morning trash pick-up.  The rental house next door, which had been empty for a couple of months, was far from empty that evening.  In fact, the porch and front yard was well-populated by young men and women of college age, sitting or leaning on several cars and trucks, and even lounging in a few scattered lawn chairs.  Everyone had a cup or a can of beer or soda.  Obviously a party was going on--a housewarming party, I guessed.

          One young man, apparently the host, approached me and said (as everyone always says to me), "Moonya moonya moonya."  I cupped my ear (as I always do) and asked for a repeat (again, as per usual.)

          And just as everyone always says when I do that, this fellow said, "Mbstd mmklstb, mbldrf."

          Another ear-cupping "Excuse me?" from me, and he tried again.  This time I understood him to be saying, "Is that music too loud for you? Are we bothering you?"

          "Actually, no" I chuckled. "I didn't even realize you were playing music.  I am pretty deaf without my hearing aids."

          In "The Advantages of Being Deaf" I mention several things I like about my hearing impairment.  This is another one.  I don't bother my neighbors, and they don't bother me--even when they are young people with a fondness for loud music.

          My new neighbor might catch complaints from his other neighbors if his music gets too loud, but certainly not from me. 

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