I'm Listening as Hard as I Can!
~A hearing impairment usually provokes impatience and intolerance rather than sympathy or consideration.  If I were blind, a person would not put his foot out to trip me or get angry because I could not see, and yet because I am hard of hearing (HoH) and have trouble understanding what is said to me, an awful lot of people get angry, as if I am simply not bothering to pay attention.  Believe me, I AM paying attention--in fact, I am listening as hard as I can!~  Tina Blue
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~For more information on matters of interest and importance to the hearing-impaired, visit Dr. Neil Bauman's website.~
Visit The Hearing Exchange, a rich web resource for the deaf and hard of hearing.
**If you have a hearing loss or care about someone who does, please join us on our Deaf/HoH message board at Yahoo Groups.**
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updated Jan. 26, 2012